Shiny Solar: The all-in-one solution for solar and photovoltaic panel maintenance

The solar and photovoltaic panel maintenance is a procedure that must be carefully carried out on a periodic basis, in order not to jeopardize its correct functioning and to avoid even drastic yield drops.
The best time to do this operation is spring, so that the system will be perfectly clean during the months of best sun exposure and, therefore, of energy production.
In fact, good cleaning is necessary to ensure optimal absorption of solar radiation: any external agent that is deposited on the panel can reduce the power generated by up to 15% for areas that are not particularly polluted, and to 25% for highly polluted areas.
Shiny Solar is the ideal solution to keep the system in full efficiency. In fact, it is a detergent that allows easy removal of grease, calcareous and crystallized deposits, dust, smog, excrement, etc., and is extremely effective, very easy to apply and has no shelf life.
The anti static contained in the product allows excellent results even with hard water, and after treatment leaves a veil that protects the surface of the panel over time, respecting all its components (glass, frame, gaskets, etc.).

Application procedure

Spray the product evenly on the solar or photovoltaic panel or on the surface to be cleaned and protected

Let stand for a few minutes, depending on the level of dirt to be cleaned, then wipe with a soft, non-abrasive, slightly damp pad or sponge.

Rinse with water or remove product with a paper towel. Repeat for especially dirty surfaces.


Shiny Solar guarantees cleaning, de-greasing and anti-static protection of your panel in just 20 minutes.

Speed ​​and maximum efficiency in one go.